Civic Results Services

The experienced staff at Civic Results are available to carry out the following services on a fee for service basis.

Community Based Planning and Public Involvement – Civic Results helps disparate segments of communities and regions recognize their interdependence. A common community understanding of the nature of vexing problems and comprehensive public involvement is critical to the development of successful solutions. Civic Results cultivates consensus on the need for collaboration, and provides fee for service process design and facilitation to assist in the implementation of the following strategies:

  • Recognizing and involving all of the right stakeholders within a community
  • Strengthening community leadership
  • Increasing collaboration among community leaders
  • Building public awareness, involvement and understanding in decision-making that affects the public
  • Identifying the complex interrelationships among issues that communities must address before developing and implementing strategies

Results Oriented Events – Planning, implementation and follow up of results oriented workshops and forums that are designed to solve specific problems or confront serious challenges. Civic Results brings together the right stakeholders and inspires them to develop collaborative plans for strategic action. Recent examples coordinated by Civic Results include “The Art of the Deal: Creating Mixed Income Development” and “Connecting Active Living and Community Design.”

Collaborative Partnerships – Staff support for partnership development, organizational logistics, policy development and the design and implementation of regional initiatives, including regional compacts. Civic Results fosters and sustains collaborative partnerships at the local and regional levels.

e-Democracy Meetings with KeyPad Voting – Design and facilitation of keypad polling sessions, a great way to get instant response to questions, ideas, and suggestions, and to get a sense of how a group’s thinking is changing. In a keypad polling session, each participant is equipped with a wireless keypad. They work either in small groups at a table or individually. The facilitator poses a question, displayed on a large screen with a range of possible responses. Participants respond individually by keying in a number or letter associated with their chosen response. Individual selections from the keypads are automatically and instantly tallied and the results are displayed on the large screen. The process is transparent and immediate. Everyone—participants and leaders—can see the group’s response to the question.

Peer-to-Peer Networks – Planning, designing and implementing internet based networks of like minded individuals, professionals, or organization members using interactive websites, web based conferencing, and online discussion groups. An opportunity for people within a specific discipline or organization to work together, share ideas and experience, and develop innovative approaches.

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