Civic Results Programs

In addition to the civic engagement, and community based planning work we do, over the years Civic Results has managed a number of special programs in the Denver metro region: including the Metro Denver Health and Wellness Commission, and the Livable Communities Support Center; in addition to the ongoing Metro Mayors Caucus.

Founded in 1993, the Metro Mayors Caucus (Caucus) is comprised of 41 mayors from the Denver region. The Caucus promotes cooperation, consensus and collaboration as means of effectively addressing complex regional issues. To this end, the Caucus provides a non-confrontational arena for the discussion of common issues and multi- jurisdictional challenges.

The Caucus uses consensus based decision making and collaboration to reach agreement and address issues of mutual concern. This commitment to consensus, unique among regional organizations, has allowed the Caucus to reach consensus on issues that have divided the region in other forums. Our members reach consensus by listening carefully to each other’s opinions and concerns, exploring possible options and searching for solutions that reflect the needs and values of each of our members.

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