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Empowering Mayors to Lead with Impact


Mayors Leadership Academy

What is the Mayors Leadership Academy?

In its inaugural year, the Mayor Leadership Academy (MLA) emerges as a unique and invaluable resource for Colorado's mayors. Newly elected mayors face a wide array of challenges, including managing complex council relationships, understanding governance, and dealing with state-level politics and legal matters. MLA is designed to address these needs by offering a comprehensive program that equips mayors with the tools and support they require.

The MLA provides a rich network of peers, seasoned officials, industry experts, and advocates, creating a vibrant community where mayors can share experiences and best practices. Through the Academy, participants gain critical knowledge, develop leadership skills, and form connections that will support them throughout their careers. MLA’s blend of educational resources and mentorship empowers mayors to lead their communities more effectively and navigate the unique demands of local governance with confidence and success.

The MLA will empower local mayors to lead with impact through our specialized Leadership Academy. Tailored for the unique challenges and opportunities of municipal leadership, our program equips mayors with essential skills and strategies to drive positive change in their communities.

Led by seasoned experts in governance and public administration, our academy offers practical workshops, insightful case studies, and personalized coaching to enhance leadership effectiveness. From navigating complex policy issues to fostering community engagement, our comprehensive curriculum addresses the diverse demands of modern municipal leadership.

Join us and elevate your mayoral leadership to new heights. 

MLA offers 8 full day sessions between August and March, participants will meet, in-person, in varying locations around the Metro and Front Range. 

Cost: $1,500  (scholarships are available, please inquire on how to apply)


Local Government

Leadership and Good Governance


Economic Development

Successful Public Private Partnerships

Sustainability, Climate and Water

Local Issues 

Public Safety and Project Presentations


Apply Here for 2024 Mayors Leadership Academy.